Online Colleges that Don’t Require SAT or ACT – 5 Noteworthy Schools to Consider


Online Colleges that Don’t Require SAT or ACT:  Gone are the days when one’s entire college career hinged upon standardized test scores. In today’s era, more and more educational institutions have come to acknowledge that an admission criterion as limiting as a simple numerical score can hardly be considered fair nor fully reflective of students’ academic potential.

This recognition has paved the way for greater diversity in college admissions by providing alternative criteria for aspiring learners. One such trend catching up is online education, allowing access to streamlined learning experiences without geographical barriers.

Correspondingly, there has been a surge in online colleges offering degrees with no SAT or optional ACT testing requirement, making even non-traditional applicants eligible based on alternative quantitative admission standards tailored towards individual student strengths.

In this article, we will dig into some popular choices, aiming to unlock doors previously limited due to reliance on traditional entrance criteria built largely around scores earned rather than sparking interest beyond hitting arbitrary benchmarks.


5 Online Colleges that Don’t Require SAT or ACT

1. Empire State College

Not everyone would fare well under gateways governed solely by standardized numeric values all at once defining worthiness and ability.

Recognizing this fact were pioneer stage-setter schools like Empire State College, where Higher Education was not restrained only through following ancient rules but instead committed its total resources to nurture custom-curated educational plans, promoting free thinking & open-mindedness within small communities studying together via a virtual medium.


So everybody chooses their own speed limit to achieve better premier results while simultaneously managing daily interactions.

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2. University of the People

The University of the People, an accredited online college founded in 2009 to provide accessible tertiary education to all, regardless of social/economic background, offers courses that don’t require standardized test scores for admissions.


Instead, students are evaluated based on factors such as English proficiency and motivation via personal essays and letters of recommendation. This reflects UoPeople’s overall policy promoting diversity understated being able to meet evolving global macroeconomic labor force requirements by cultivating talent pools stemming from multicultural heritages.

Note: Online colleges that don’t require SAT scores have the willingness to create a more inclusive student body. By expanding admission criteria, they enable non-traditional students – such as those without conventional educational backgrounds or work experience–to pursue higher education with greater ease.

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Online Colleges with Alternative Admissions Criteria

1. Arizona State University (Online)

Some colleges provide alternative admissions criteria. One such is Arizona State University’s online campus, which seeks to make higher education accessible by placing less emphasis on SAT scores and more importance on demonstrated abilities, diversity of experience, creativity, and hard work.

The university offers over 200 degrees across diverse fields like business administration, engineering, humanities, global health & public policy.

With a slew of options tailored to suit non-traditional learners’ needs, this platform houses the ASU Online Center for Digital Innovation aimed at expanding freely available STEM resources creating optimal environments that foster fertile ground to learn, serving as incubators from technological advances derived worldwide.

2. Southern New Hampshire University

At Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America program, applicants are evaluated based on how they can use their prior professional experiences as evidence towards achieving ambitious career goals leveraging institutional know-how structured around preparing graduates interested in augmenting economic development programs.

The program is a highly flexible module system resulting centered entirely upon enhancing human capital nurtured throughout US transition-driven workforce capabilities honed and constantly pushed beyond boundaries since its inception proved successful.

For instance, presently boasts offering between $5000-$10000 worth of fully-funded REAL Tuitions attainable without federal loans or grants necessitating scholarship attainment.

Colleges and Universities with ACT Optional Policy

Many colleges do not require either SAT or ACT scores. However, some offer the option of submitting either test scores instead of mandating any one explicitly due to varying reasons, including diverse academic specializations driven towards multiple skill sets acquisition, keeping transitions flexible; this enables non-traditional students to develop their learning progression planning better for taking advantage of personalized curricula offered at full-fledged institutions too.

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University offers an ACT optional admission policy where standardized tests remain secondary and do not alone mandate admissions.

The college selects individuals holistically, considering factors such as motivation and involvement in extracurricular activities outside classrooms. Individualized offerings are mainly structured around developing unique distinctions within applicants’ collegiate dreams.

While incorporating traditional facets enrich student-environment relationships dynamically complemented with modern capitalist models indigenously built serving inhabitants, making aspirations achievable and ideally fashioned alongside wider networks connections leading to transformative ideas being implemented globally.

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FAQ on Online Colleges that don’t require SAT or ACT

Can You Get an Accredited Degree From Online Colleges Without Taking SAT/ACT?

Yes, these days a lot of Top Online Colleges that have flexible learning schedules usually do not require their applicants to give these standardized tests like ACT/SAT scores while enrolling themselves for degree programs online.

Conclusion on Online Colleges that don’t require SAT or ACT

In conclusion, Top Online Colleges that don’t require SAT or ACT test scores from candidates applying for online-degree programs offer excellent flexibility and convenience options along with saving both money and time in the process. So go ahead and start applying today.


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