Spiritual Benefits Of Alligator Pepper


Do you know that Alligator pepper is a spirit?

It’s more than being a fruit. It wonders that you can’t imagine.
Alligator pepper has the power to ward off Bad energies and Negative Vibrations. It equally avert and divert Evils.
Alligator pepper has the ability to destroy And diseffect charms without adding it with any other ritual items. Only its presence can perform the wonder.
Alligator pepper in as much as it can save, has the power of destruction. It can take away ones life.
Alligator pepper as a matter of fact maintain a powerful position in spiritual assignment. In spiritualism, its the only seed that has the ability to cleanse human just by the introduction in the body.
Most times, we eat and drink in the dream only to wake up and experience bad day and disappointment within the day
Application of Alligator pepper immediately you wake up will will cancel the attack.
Most of us experience cobwebs on our ways even in a Broadway, cobwebs will pass through your face leading to disappointment.
Alligator pepper will help deliver you from it.
If Alligator pepper is not working for you spiritually, then maybe you don’t know how to use it or your broke it the wrong way*
Herbal and spiritual benefits of alligator pepper still continues
If you are embarking on a journey you are not confident enough with it, just take 7 seeds of it and put in your pocket, once you are back, kindly remove it and dispose.
If you always have bad dreams or spiritual attack, just take 4 of it and drop at the four edges of your house
If you experience your business premises is under spiritual attack or arrest, kindly take 7 or 4 seed chew but don’t swallow, declare words and spill it off your mouth, do this for 4 or 7 days you will see change.
Note that when you take seven, you do it for seven days, when you take four, you do it for four days.
If you have s*x with someone you don’t like or know too well, with regards to spiritual status. Just take 4 or 7, swing it over your head, making decrees, after that. Throw it off.
still on herbal and spiritual benefits of alligator pepper:
If you see strange poo in front of your house, just pray with alligator pepper and bitter kola and splash if off. It will go back to the sender.
If witches are after you, kindly use alligator pepper seeds grind it with ogirisi leaf, pour original palm kernel oil in container, mix all together and hang it on top of your door post.
herbal and spiritual benefits of alligator pepper:
If someone have wronged you too bad and your hands are clean, just take alligator pepper and kola nut, at early morning, face the sun,
speaking your mind. After that, throw them out. Your petition is submitted.
Make daily use of Alligator pepper and you will see how things will start working in your favor


herbal and spiritual benefits of alligator pepper

Alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) is a spice that is widely used in many cultures for entertainment, religious rites, food flavor and as a part of many traditional doctors medications. Pregnant women are among those who ingest Alligator pepper in these activities.

This experiment was carried out to determine the health risk or benefit of Alligator pepper to pregnant women if any. Fifteen male rats and fifteen female rats of proven fertility from a pilot study were randomly paired in fifteen cages in a well ventilated room.


After three days of mating, the males were withdrawn from the females, which were allowed to stay in their separate maternity cages for 18-25 days.

The females in the control group were fed with normal rat chow and clean drinking water ad libitum for the duration of the experiment. Each of the rats in the experimental group was served 20 g of rat chow mixed with 50mg of Alligator pepper for one day only and thereafter fed with normal rat chow and clean drinking water ad libitum for 18-25 days.

The rats in the control group had a mean of 7 litters each, while the rats in the experimental group did not litter at all. It was concluded that ingestion of large quantities of Alligator pepper poses a health risk to women in their first trimester of pregnancy.


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