9 Top Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship and Salary Range

If you don’t have a college degree or professional skills but still want to work and live in Canada, there are some unskilled job options available that offer visa sponsorship. Canada has a growing economy and labour needs across various industries, so they provide pathways for foreign workers to fill positions even without advanced education or training.

In this article, we will explore several of the top unskilled jobs in Canada that come with the possibility of employer sponsorship for a work permit or temporary residence visa.

While requirements and application processes vary depending on the specific occupation and province, these roles generally only require a high school education or equivalent. With hard work in one of these jobs, it may be possible to gain Canadian work experience and eventually apply for permanent resident status down the road.

Let’s get started with an overview of some common unskilled jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Food Service Workers

Food counter attendants, food preparers, dishwashers – these are all entry-level positions within the food service industry that typically do not require formal training or education beyond high school. Canada has many opportunities for employment in restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and other food establishments.

Some provinces have designated occupations lists for unskilled foreign workers that include food counter attendants and kitchen helpers. Employers in most areas experiencing labour shortages are willing to sponsor applicants for these roles. Start your job search on major employment websites looking for keywords like “crew member”, “food prep”, “dishwasher”, etc.

Hours can be long and work is often stationary or physically demanding, but food service is a reliable unskilled option in Canada with sponsorship available. With experience, you may find opportunities to take on more responsibilities like cooking positions over time as well. The busy nature of restaurants means jobs are plentiful. The salary average for this job is $17.99 per hour.

Construction Laborers

Construction is a huge industry across Canada needing supplemental labour, especially for physically demanding entry-level jobs. Common unskilled construction roles that may qualify for sponsorship include labourers who help carry building materials, clean up work sites, dig trenches, and more.

Again, designated occupation lists or employers directly can sponsor foreign workers as construction helpers. Training is typically on-the-job. Safety certification programs may be required but are not too intensive. The work is outdoors and can be physically challenging, but consistent construction demand means stable employment.

Compensation depends on location but ranges from $17-20/hour usually. Career growth to semi-skilled trades like drywalling, painting, fencing, etc are possible with experience too. Search construction job boards and contact local contracting companies directly about open positions.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping

Canada’s vast landscape creates demand for landscaping maintenance year-round. Common groundskeeper jobs include lawn care technicians, landscaping labourers, irrigation installers, and snow removal workers.

Minimum requirements are typically a high school diploma along with basic physical ability. Some on-site training may be provided. As with construction, designated occupation lists or employers directly can sponsor visa applications for these unskilled roles.

Pay ranges based on the specific duty from $15-20/hour usually. Perks include outdoor work, flexible schedules sometimes, and opportunities to specialize in areas like tree trimming, sod laying, outdoor lighting installation over time. Search major job sites under keywords like “groundskeeper”, “landscaping crew”, etc.

Production and Assembly Line Workers

Canada has thriving manufacturing industries like food processing, automotive parts, electronics, more. This creates demand for production operators to work on assembly lines, perform quality checks, package products, and more.

Roles commonly accepting of foreign workers with only a high school education include line attendants, assembly technicians, quality inspectors, packagers, and material handlers. Again, designated occupations lists or direct employer sponsorship apply here.

On-the-job training is provided usually to learn specific processes and safety protocols. Pay ranges from minimum wage to $18/hour depending on the role and location. Manufacturing work involves standing for long periods but can lead to opportunities entering skilled trades with experience too. Apply directly with companies.

Warehouse and Distribution Workers

Canada’s shipping, logistics and e-commerce sectors power a large need for workers to process orders, move inventory, drive forklifts and more in warehouses nationwide.

Common unskilled warehouse jobs suitable for sponsorship include order selectors, packagers, shipping/receiving clerks, warehouse labourers and forklift operators. Many large distribution centers actively recruit foreign workers for these roles.

Expect physically demanding work moving boxes and products around facilities. Employer training is often provided on equipment operation and safety standards. Pay is competitive, ranging from $15-20/hour usually depending on experience. Career growth into supervisory roles may open up over time as well with experience. Search major logistics employers.

Cleaners and Janitors

Cleaning and sanitation roles are essential in any country. Common janitorial positions open to foreign workers include building cleaners, floor waxers, window washers, carpet cleaners and more.

Requirements are typically just a high school diploma along with physical stamina for tasks like vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces. Both individual property management companies and large commercial cleaning contractors provide sponsorship opportunities.

Hours can be early mornings, evenings or weekends to service facilities when not in use. Pay ranges $15-18/hour usually depending on experience and responsibilities. These jobs provide steady, reliable employment even without formal education beyond high school. Search job sites under cleaning keywords.

Hotel Housekeeping

Canada’s tourism and hospitality sectors create ongoing demand for housekeepers to clean and prepare hotel rooms across the country.

While additional language skills can help, these roles are generally suitable for sponsorship of workers with high school education only. Expect to sweep, vacuum, change linens, clean bathrooms and more.

Employer-provided training covers proper cleaning techniques and chemical safety. Hours may involve weekends and shifts starting very early or late due to guest check-ins and check-outs. Compensation ranges $15-18/hour typically. Possibilities exist to advance to supervisory housekeeping positions over time as well. Search major chain hotel employer sites.

Farm Workers

Canada has a robust agricultural industry needing many hands for physically demanding seasonal harvest work. Common unskilled farm roles suitable for sponsorship include crop harvesters, fruit/veggie packagers, greenhouse attendants, grain elevator operators and more.

You’ll typically work outdoors in all weather conditions conducting tasks like planting, weeding, picking produce, operating machinery. Employers provide training specific to crops and equipment use. Wages range from minimum wage to around $16/hour usually depending on crops and responsibilities.

Seasonal nature means programs exist permitting multi-entry work permits to allow returning for successive harvest seasons. Search major provincial farm employment sites and job boards. Agencies also help connect foreign workers directly with farms. hard work but a chance to experience rural Canada firsthand. The salary average for this job is $16.89 per hour.

General Laborers

For applicants truly open to any job, general laborer positions leaving duties undefined provide viable sponsorship opportunities as well. Roles may involve various light manufacturing, construction, agricultural, landscaping or warehouse tasks as assigned daily.

While offers less stability in responsibilities, these jobs provide a foot in the door for the Canadian market. Physical stamina and a good work ethic are priority. Employers orient new hires to safety practices and specifics on assignment. Compensation is typically minimum wage but can grow with experience.

Actively utilize major general labor job boards and staffing agency websites advertising these openings constantly looking to fill needs anywhere help is temporarily needed. Good option keeping all career doors open starting out.

Additional Requirements for Unskilled Jobs in Canada

Regardless of which unskilled job route is pursued, keep in mind some standard eligibility requirements that generally must be met to qualify for employer sponsorship:

  • Have a valid Canadian job offer in hand covering wages, hours and duties
  • Speak conversational English or French, though not mandated for all roles
  • Pass Canadian language, medical and criminal background screening processes
  • Have enough financial funds available to prove ability to support yourself initially
  • Commit to living/working solely in the approved region for duration of the work permit
  • Understand and accept any additional obligations mandated by specific visa class/program rules
  • Be physically able to perform duties of the position as described
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent education level for role requirements
  • Provide all required identification, travel documents and application paperwork completely

Meeting these criteria demonstrates to Canadian immigration you are a suitable candidate legally able to fill a genuine job need. Working with reputable employers and following all procedures correctly gives the best chances of approval.

Temporary Resident Classes Commonly Used

Once a job offer is secured, the most common temporary resident visa categories used to sponsor foreign nationals into unskilled Canadian jobs include:

  1. International Mobility Program (IMP) Work Permit: For roles pre-approved on provincial occupation lists with required LMIA labor market test approval
  2. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) Work Permit: Also requires positive LMIA and covers general seasonal/non-seasonal opportunities
  3. Young Professionals Program Work Permit: For citizens 18-35 years old with a job offer in eligible occupations
  4. Intra-company Transfer Work Permit: For internal company transfers only requiring different authorization

Final Thoughts on Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Canada provides ample opportunities for immigrants, including those interested in unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship. Through online resources, one can locate positions that align with their skills and background. I

t’s crucial to understand that the salary for such jobs varies based on factors like industry, location, and employer, typically ranging from $25,000 to $45,000 annually. Each job has its prerequisites, which necessitate thorough research beforehand.

Crafting a well-tailored resume and cover letter showcasing relevant experience is essential when applying for these roles. Immigrants can kickstart their desired careers in Canada by leveraging available resources and adhering to the outlined steps, thereby paving the way for a prosperous future for themselves and their families.

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