Best 4 Schools for Psychology Majors in Maryland

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best schools for psychology majors in Maryland, including their history, psychology programs, and notable achievements.

When it comes to pursuing a psychology degree, Maryland offers a diverse range of educational institutions to choose from.

Whether you’re a prospective student or just curious about the academic landscape in the state, read on to discover your options.

Best Schools for Psychology Majors in Maryland

Johns Hopkins University

Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has a long and prestigious history in the field of psychology.

It was home to the first psychology laboratory in the United States, established by G. Stanley Hall in 1883. This groundbreaking initiative marked the beginning of the systematic study of psychology as a scientific discipline in the country.

JHU’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers a comprehensive psychology program that covers a wide range of topics within the field.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and gain hands-on experience through various research labs and projects.

Notable Achievements

Johns Hopkins University consistently ranks among the top psychology programs in the nation. Its research contributions to psychology have been recognized worldwide, and its faculty members are renowned for their expertise in various subfields, from clinical psychology to cognitive neuroscience.

University of Maryland – College Park

The University of Maryland – College Park, founded in 1856, has a rich history of academic excellence. Its psychology department has evolved over the years, becoming a hub for groundbreaking research and education in the field.

The psychology program at the University of Maryland – College Park offers a diverse curriculum that caters to students‘ interests and career goals.

The department emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

Notable Achievements

The university has made significant contributions to the field of psychology through its research initiatives and collaborations.

Faculty members have received numerous awards and grants, further solidifying the university’s reputation as a leader in psychology education and research.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Established in 1966, UMBC is a relatively young institution compared to some of its counterparts. However, its psychology department has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approaches to teaching and research.

UMBC’s psychology program focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in psychological theories and methodologies.

The department encourages students to participate in research projects, enabling them to gain valuable experience and contribute to ongoing scientific inquiries.

Notable Achievements

Despite its shorter history, UMBC’s psychology department has made significant strides in the field.

It has earned a reputation for fostering a collaborative and supportive academic environment, where students can thrive and make meaningful contributions to the world of psychology.

Towson University

Towson University, established in 1866, is another institution with a long history of academic excellence in Maryland.

Its psychology department has grown over the years, adapting to the evolving needs of students and the field itself.

Towson University’s psychology program provides students with a solid foundation in psychological principles and research methods.

The department places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing graduates for a wide range of career opportunities.

Notable Achievements

Towson University’s psychology department is known for its commitment to student success. It offers various resources and support services to help students excel in their studies and research endeavors.

Additionally, the department’s faculty members are actively engaged in research and often collaborate with students on meaningful projects.


In conclusion, Maryland is home to several outstanding institutions for psychology majors.

Whether you’re interested in the rich history and pioneering research at Johns Hopkins University, the diverse curriculum at the University of Maryland – College Park, the innovative approaches at UMBC, or the student-focused environment at Towson University, you’ll find excellent options to pursue your psychology degree in the state.

These schools for psychology majors in Maryland offer a range of programs and opportunities to help you achieve your academic and career goals.


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